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Curated stories and well-researched reports for the generation which is financially focused. 

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FinZ Research

Our in-house analysis, trying to fill in finance both into quantitative and qualitative boxes. We try to put everything through technical, fundamental and market sentiment lenses, to bring to you market reports which give you a direct insight into market events, a detailed one.

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FinZ Feed

Original Ideas - everyone has their own coloured glass to see every market news, and we get to you the ones that do carry rationality with them. The feed is managed by a group of learners in the field of finance, no one is an expert here.

Personal Finance

With expert learners from the field of financial planning and personal finance, try to get hold of their ideas and strategies, to have a successful financial journey while in college, and to start ahead of everyone else.

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Exclusive excess to FinZ Market and latest news updates.

Discussions with like-minded finance aficionados.

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